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TM 5: Women and the Book in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

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This site presents text manuscripts from the Middle Ages and Renaissance offered for sale by Les Enluminures. For inclusion on the site, each manuscript must have an interesting or unusual text. It might also be illuminated, but the pictures alone would not warrant inclusion on the site. There is a powerful search engine. Search for detailed descriptions of “all manuscripts” presented chronologically or of different types of texts organized by theme: history and literature, science and medicine, religion, music, law and philosophy. Select a more specific subject, if you wish, from the drop-down box: e.g., astronomy, Bibles, calligraphy, humanism, scholasticism, travel, etc.

The advanced search feature locates dated manuscripts, their countries of origin, languages, illustrated manuscripts, and original bindings. This feature also permits users to search by century or to search only manuscripts for sale (default) or the entire database. Sold manuscripts are included in the archives for further reference. Every manuscript has a reference number at the bottom of the entry, and users can search by reference number. Click on price to find price ranges from less than 10,000 € to greater than 100,000 €. If you are looking for specific types of texts or want to receive automatic updates, please register.